We Need Help

Your opinion matters. We could use your help to improve the accessibility of this site and others.

Computer wizes with full ability, need not apply. Give us a hand.

Accessibility Attempted

This is our first attempt. We spent many hours pondering, programming, and changing our presentation, so don't be too hard on us. We would love to hear any constructive critisism and just maybe a thank you.

These are just some notes we use to keep us focused. If you already know about W3C's WCAG, skip a couple paragraphs to our accesskeys. To help us remember these four principles, we use the mnemonic POUR.

alt text for non-text content, time basis, provide for alt layout, see/hear separate fore/background
all functionality available from keyboard, provide time, seizures, help navigation (where am I)
text readable/understandable duh!, predictable operation, assist to avoid/correct mistakes
Maximize compatibility with current and future user agents, including assistive technologies

Going to reverse the paradigm, markup for lynx and then use css/javascript to provide the next level. Talk about elegant degradation. - Operable - fully degraded and keyboard accessible means real links are required in markup, but we are going to intercept the click to provide Ajaxability. Markup minimized by javascript event attachment. - Using list instead of table so further layout such as daytimer entries are possible with css w/o roundtrip to server for more markup - we have on page: day of month as LI, and month year in an H2 within a 'month' div - glue a click handler to each LI (cuts down on markup) get the day, walk up the DOM to get month year - just like tables version, click event calls Ajax to update mysql

Access Keys

The following accesskeys are implemented throughout the site in an attempt to help users using screen-readers. If you find a page that does not conform to this, please let me know from the contact page.

For the uninitated, access keys are keyboard shortcuts that can be used in place of a mouse click. Read more at Wikipedia

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